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• Energy effeciency analysis and


• Engineering, layout and installation

• Infrared Heating Systems

• Commercial lighting retrofits

• Custom daylighting

• Exterior lighting


All projects are different in scope and necessity. We are available provide pre-project consultation to suite your needs.

Heating & Lighting

Heating Solutions

Heating solutions are available for for a variety projects...



Lighting Solutions

From retrofitting existing lighting fixtures, daylighting, or new construction, we have the ability to assist all projects...


• Fort Knox Army Base (over 200 installations)

• Ford Motor Company - Louisville, KY

• UPS - Louisville, KY

• Fruit of the loom - KY

• Fort Campbell Army Base

• Atlas Machinery - Louisville, KY

• Bluegrass Army Depot – Richmond, KY

• Bluegrass Station – Lexington, KY

• Fort Campbell, Hopkinsville, KY

• UHL Trucking - Louisville, KY

• Owings Patterns - Georgetown, IN

• SoHo Lofts - Louisville, KY

• Superior Battery - Russellville, KY

• Swope Dealerships - Louisville, KY

• Salvation Army - Clarksville, IN

• Norfolk Southern Railroad

• Sapporo Restaurant - Louisville, KY

• Eagle Steel - Jeffersonville, IN

• Publishers Printing, Shepherdsville &

Lebanon Junction, KY

• Ohio Valley Doors - New Albany, IN

Over 2,000 installations. Inquiries concerning more information always welcome.


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