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Our Heating Solutions.

Will Equipment Company - The Industry Leader

Dedicated to providing excellent product, service and support to meet our customers' needs and beyond. Roberts-Gordon introduced vacuum assisted, low-intensity, gas-fired infrared heating systems and we remain an industry leader with a complete range of top quality products. Will Equipment Company also introduced modulating infrared heaters and heating systems for reduced energy consumption. With many units installed world-wide, Will Equipment Company has provided comfortable, economical, and reliable warmth for a variety of satisfied customers.

How Infrared Works

Like the sun, its infrared rays heat the earth, people and objects directly. The energy emitted is absorbed by cool surfaces that warm up, which in turn, release heat into the atmosphere by convection to raise ambient temperature. Warm objects in the building create a heat sink which allows for quick heat recovery and greater comfort at lower air temperatures.

Benefits You'll Always Appreciate

• Fuel Efficient

• Reduced Heating Electricity Cost

• Quick Heat Recovery

• Comfortable, Gentle Heat

• Many Design Options

• Aesthetically Pleasing

• Environmentally Friendly

• Quiet, Draft-Free Heat

• Easily Installed

• Minimal Maintenance

Ideal for heating at high mounting heights and / or high heat loss areas. Installations include, but are not limited to:

Aircraft Hangars


Auto Body Shops

Auto Showrooms

Bus Garages

Farm Buildings


Hockey Rinks

Indoor Tennis Courts

Loading Docks

Machine Shops

Manufacturing Plants

Recreational Facilities

Restaurant Patios



Truck Terminals

Vehicle Service Shops



And More!

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